Nima Alipour


Board certified in Occupational, Preventive and Environmental Medicine; Dr. Nima Alipour has spent the better part of the past decade helping businesses with the health and wellness oversight of their employees. Laser-focused on employee safety and health, Dr. Alipour and his team have become a trusted resource and corporate health consultants for dozens of other businesses in the region. Over the years, he has advised local clinics looking to optimize their management of workplace injuries and consistently demonstrated a pattern of improved patient outcomes, shortened case duration, and reduced case cost. Of late, his emphasis has been prevention of injury and illness, and developing efficient return-to-work protocols customized to each client.

With his client and patient satisfaction rated among the highest in the area, Dr. Alipour has scaled out and formed Hybrid Health System (HHS), a multispecialty medical group. HHS is a refreshingly innovative medical group focused on corporate health consulting, injury, and return-to-work management, with an integrated Tele-Health concierge wellness, advisory, and injury management program.

Hybrid Health has not only grown its footprint, but has focused on building valuable clinic and specialist partnerships. With that growth, HHS is one of the only groups in the region integrating Telemedicine, in-clinic care, prevention strategies, and medical management of injuries (including return-to-work protocols.)


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