Coverage Types & Descriptions

Coverage Types & Descriptions

Business Auto Liability

Commercial Auto coverage may include liability only or it may include physical damage coverage. The liability portion covers damage to other vehicles or property and injury to others for accidents for which you are at-fault. Auto physical

Employee Dishonesty (3rd Party Crime)

The policy covers losses that a small business can suffer due to acts committed by its employees on its customer’s premises, causing a loss of the customer’s property. The coverage automatically applies to all customers.

Commercial General Liability

General liability insurance provides coverage for a wide range of negligent acts which result in bodily injury, property

Commercial Property

General liability insurance provides coverage for a wide range of negligent acts which result in bodily injury, property damProtects the physical assets you own or lease such as buildings, office equipment, computers, furniture, etc.

Crime Insurance

Crime insurance addresses the most common fidelity threats, including losses due to employee dishonesty, credit card forgery, computer fraud and theft and disappearance and destruction of property. With crime protection from Travelers,

Cyber Risk

Directors & Officers Liability

Covers wrongful acts that are “intentional” as opposed to “negligent.”This insurance is designed to cover actions and decisions of the board of directors. These actions may be in error and wrong, but they are, nonetheless, “intentional”

Employee Benefits Liability

Covers damages from your organization’s negligent handling of the administration of your employee benefits program.

Employee Dishonesty

Insure against an employee’s fraudulent or dishonest act, such as embezzlement.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Coverage for defense costs and damages related to various employment-related claims, including allegations of Wrongful

ERISA Fidelity

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) was enacted to protect employee benefit plans against loss by acts of fraud or dishonesty. The statute instituted a fidelity bond requirement for plan trustees, and it defined the coverage limit requirements. The ERISA policy must equal 10 percent of the funds handled by a trustee or fiduciary with a minimum limit of $1,000 per plan and a maximum limit of $500,000 per plan. Plans holding employer securities are required to carry a maximum limit of $1,000,000.

Fiduciary Liability Insurance

Protecting the fiduciaries of employee benefit plans can be complicated. If your company sponsors a retirement or health plan for the employees and if you are involved in any way with the management of that plan, you are likely considered a “Fiduciary” and can be held personally liable for what happens to the plan (under ERISA law).

Hired & Non-Owned Liability

This policy provides liability coverage excess of an individual employee’s or volunteer’s auto insurance. If the organization is held liable for the employee’s or volunteer’s actions involving his or her vehicle and the limits of the individual’s personal auto insurance policy have been exhausted, the coverage will be engaged.

Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement

Identity fraud occurs when someone uses stolen personal information to commit a crime or fraud in your name. Once the damage is done, the road back to restoring what was yours can be both time-consuming and expensive.policies reimburse victims of identity theft for their time and out-of-pocket expenses they incur when clearing their good name and re-establishing their credit.

Improper Sexual Conduct Liability

Coverage is to respond to allegations of sexual abuse.

Kidnap and Ransom

Kidnap and ransom insurance policies provide coverage in the event of a kidnapping. This typically includes coverage for monies paid to kidnappers or extortionists, loss of ransom in transit, and other expenses incurred as a result of a kidnapping.

Management Liability

We offer a diverse range of coverages that include Crime (employee dishonesty and third party), Kidnap and Ransom, and Management Liability which protect against claims alleging wrongful acts relating to employment practices, fiduciary responsibility and other breaches of duty on behalf of directors, officers and managers of the company or organization.

Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance

Miscellaneous Professional Liability (MPL) covers errors and omissions for a variety of professional service providers. MPL provides coverage for negligence in the performance of services where a reasonable standard of care is expected.

Social Services Professional Liability

Coverage for negligence and errors and omissions as a result of professional and peer counseling activities.

Umbrella Liability

Provides higher limits for a variety of coverages.

Volunteer Accident

Accident insurance provides a limited amount of coverage for injury to a volunteer or participant (depending on the specific coverage) on a no-fault basis. It is not workers’ compensation coverage.

Workers Compensation

Insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment.

Group Benefits

Group health insurance plans are purchased by companies and organizations and then offered to their members or employees, and can provide health, dental, or vision insurance. Coverage may also be extended to the immediate family and/or other dependents of group members for an extra cost.

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